What Are Push Button Valves?

A push-button valve allows for the rapid sealing and releasing of pressure via the actuation of an exterior button. A push-button valve’s design allows pressure to enter through an inlet port into an interior chamber called a gallery. A plug (often an O-ring) connected to the stem of an actuator mechanism seals incoming pressure inside the gallery. Actuating the button allows pressure to pass through the plug and out an exit port. Releasing the button lowers the plug and immediately reseals pressure.

1/2" Valves

Our 1/2″ valves come in brass and stainless steel, with one port on the side and another on the bottom of the valve.

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1/4" Valves

For the 1/4″ valves we have Brass and Aluminum which comes in several colors. Ports are on the bottom and side of the valves.

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1/8" Valves

Our most popular valve, the 1/8″ valves come in a variety of materials, colors, and port configurations. Click to see more!

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What Our Customers are Saying

“I looked everywhere and couldn’t find anything that was sturdy enough. Your valves looked much industrial and up to the task.”

Ron R.

“If I had had you design a valve for me, this is exactly what I would have asked for. It is perfect for my application!”

Parker T.